About Me

I first became interested in body work at 18.  After sustaining a head injury along with numerous other horse related injuries, I suffered from migraines and became frustrated with the lack of help from conventional medicine.  After receiving Integrative Manual Therapy cranial work, I was shocked that not only were my migraines gone, but I improved beyond my previous state.  There is hope for relief!  From then on, it became my mission to provide care and help to others, learning various healing methods to provide help for others.

My strength is that I am a very detail oriented therapist.  I am focused on addressing specific strutures to provide the most effective treatment.  I am also an educational enthusiast.  I am continualy learning so I can always improve my treaments.

I am a certified massage therapist specializing in Integrative Manual Therapy.  I am also trained in Bowen Therapy and Matrix Energetics.  I graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy as well as the Connecticut School for Integrative Manual Therapy in 2008 and have been a practicing therapist since.

Adriana McManus